All You Need to Know About Watching Live Football on TV in Holland

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All You Need to Know About Watching Live Football on TV in Holland

If you want to watch live football on TV, you are restricted as far as the Eredivisie is concerned to pay-per-view channel FOX Sports. Sometimes you can watch FOX Sports Eredivisie for free, that is just up to the provider with whom you take out a subscription, but in most cases, it comes with a price tag. The cost of watching live Eredivisie varies per package and per provider. More information and an overview below.

Watching live football on TV at Veronica, RTL 7, FOX and Ziggo

If you want to watch live European football matches by Ajax - or those of Feyenoord, PSV or other Dutch clubs - you will need to rely on RTL7 and the Talpa channels (Veronica, SBS6, Net5 and SBS) for the 20-21 season as far as the active channel coverage is concerned.

 Usually, you will watch Champions League matches and Europa League preliminaries live at Veronica. You can also watch Veronica football during the summer holidays when friendly matches of Dutch teams are regularly broadcast. As soon as the group phase starts, you can watch Europa League football at RTL7 and FOX.


Champions League football at Ziggo and live stream


Ziggo also broadcasts Champions League football. So if you have a subscription to Ziggo Sport Totaal, you may still be able to watch some of the best CL matches on the open net at Talpa.

During the group phase, five football matches are broadcast live by the pay-TV channel each evening. On Ziggo's free sports channel you can watch one match live and in a summary you can see all the highlights, goals and great moves from the European matches.

The broadcasting rights of the Champions League are also partly owned by Sanoma. As a result, you can sometimes watch live stream football on, for example (owned by that media company).


Watching live football at FOX Sports

Watching live Eredivisie in the Netherlands is only possible at FOX until at least mid-2025. In 2012, the media giant paid a billion euros for the TV rights of twelve seasons of Dutch football.

FOX has a total of six channels to which you can subscribe in four packages:

FOX Sports 1

FOX Sports Eredivisie (channels 1, 2 and 3)

FOX Sports International (channels 4, 5 and 6)

FOX Sports Complete (channels 1 to 6)


What can you see on FOX Sports 1?

Every week (c.q. tournament round) you can watch three FOX-selected Eredivisie matches live and a game from the First Division on FOX 1. On Friday evening there will be the switch programme with live highlights from the Eredivisie, the second Division Division Championship and the Bundesliga.


FOX Sports Eredivisie

With a FOX Eredivisie subscription you can watch football on three channels (FOX Sports 1, 2 and 3). Every round you can watch all matches on the Eredivisie schedule live, see matches from the Keuken Kampioen Division, the KNVB Cup, Second Division and summaries from the Bundesliga and Europa League.

FOX Sports GO is the app you get for free from a FOX Eredivisie package. It allows you to watch FOX on your mobile phone, PC, tablet etc. throughout the EU.


FOX Sports International

Three channels (FOX Sports 4, 5, and 6) with live European football, South American football, tennis and American sports.


Watch live football with FOX Sports Complete

If you take out a subscription for the complete FOX package, you can watch almost all the football live. You will have access to all six channels of FOX Sports, so you will be able to watch all Eredivisie matches live during each game. In addition, you will see all (foreign) cup matches, some First Division football, Europa League and live international football. And besides football there is also tennis, MLB, NFL and NHL at your disposal.


What does FOX Sport cost?

How much a subscription costs per month depends on which TV provider your customer is with. You can watch FOX Sports 1 football for free at KPN, T-Mobile, YouFone and Budget-all-in-1. At even FOX Sports Eredivisie is for free in the basic package.

Below are the rates of the packages at the most common providers. You can easily check the options and rates of other providers via the FOX website.

Day pass for watching a live football match

A number of digital TV providers offer the possibility to purchase a day pass. This allows you to watch a match live on TV without having a FOX subscription, for example the Eredivisie Classic Ajax - Feyenoord, exciting derby's or crackers with PSV.

At Ziggo you can watch live football for 7.95 hours (from 08.00 to 08.00 hours) with such a day pass. You then have a choice of FOX Sports Eredivisie (1, 2, 3) or International (4, 5, 6). You can order the day pass a week in advance. At KPN you can watch a single match for 6 euros. Check the site of your provider what the possibilities are.


Watch live football at Ziggo

At Ziggo you can choose from two FOX packages: FOX Sports Eredivisie (channels 1, 2 and 3) and FOX Sports International (4, 5 and 6). All Ziggo customers can watch Ziggo Sport on channel 14 free of charge too. You will be able to watch a lot of football from European leagues, but you can also watch Formula 1, for example.

In addition to this free sports channel, Ziggo also has its own sports package: Ziggo Sport Totaal. With such a subscription you get six channels of top sport and watch live Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League and Cup football matches.

The Sport Totaal package can be combined with FOX Sports Eredivisie. For that combi deal you pay 19.95 per month. A separate FOX Sports Eredivisie package is quite expensive: 17.95.

Ziggo is the main sponsor of Ajax and pays extra attention to the Ajax programme. For example, you can see friendly matches of the club on the Ziggo Sport channel 14 and every week there is the inside Ajax programme.

There you have it. All you need to know about watching live football on TV if staying in Holland.

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